Best Ab Rollers On the Market Today

Ab rollers are great and versatile gym tools that allow you to work out your abs, back, arms, and shoulders. Most are relatively affordable and won’t cost you hundreds compared to other kinds of gym equipment.

Below we share some of the best ab rollers to help you choose which fits your gym regiment the most.

This roller has a built-in carbon steel spring which gives you some resistance in order to make you break a sweat. It’s paired with a high-density foam kneepad and the wheels are ultra-wide with tread patterns.

The handles are the best part of this roller for they’re ergonomically designed for more comfort on your hands and shoulders. They’re specifically angled to activate the arm and core muscles and they’re also easily removable so you can store the roller away more easily.

The roller even comes with a free 21-day workout program so you can jump start your strength and core training.



2. Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Rollers

Sporting a sturdy construction, the Elite Sportz roller works to efficiently strengthen your core and reduce any risk of injury. This roller is lightweight and can be easily assembled so you can start your workout with little to no effort.

The comfortable handles are made of a soft foam so you can grip the roller without worrying about suffering from a shoulder or hand injury. The single wheel version is a concern for durability but it’s still a decently strong roller ideal for your daily workouts. If you don’t like the single wheel, there’s also a dual-wheel version for more stability.



3. Valeo Ab Wheel

This roller wheel is one of the more simple types but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. The Valeo wheel is very lightweight (it only weighs a pound) and boasts a trendy black and red design. The slip resistant handles and treaded dual wheels makes it easy to use and you won’t have to worry about accidentally slipping or injuring yourself.

The wheel is sturdy enough to give you an effective workout for your core muscles as well as your shoulders and back. It doesn’t have a great weight capacity so it’s not recommended for heavier users since it tends to break under too much pressure.



4. Lifeline Power Wheel for Ultimate Core Training

While it looks fancy, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by this particular wheel. The Lifeline power wheel helps to improve your balance, coordination, and stamina as you strengthen your core, lower, and upper body. The wheel allows you to work up to 20 muscles in your entire body with comfortable foam grips for you to hold onto to relieve hand fatigue.

The adjustable and secure foot straps give you a lot more exercise options as you place your hands or feet shoulder width apart in them. It’s a little heavy at 3 pounds but it’s still a great wheel for you to achieve your daily workout goals with.



5. Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel

This fitness wheel helps to strengthen your obliques, hips, triceps, and shoulders. Because of its dual-wheel design, you have twice the stability so you don’t have to be concerned about the wheel slipping from underneath you or wobbling.

You can set the wheels apart ultra-wide for extra stability and tougher muscle building or if you just wish to tone, you can move the wheels a lot closer together as you roll with less stability.

Due to the non-slip silicone handles, your hands won’t suffer from fatigue and you can continue with your workout with little to no worry about injury. The roller additionally comes with a knee pad but it’s a bit small and thin, so you may want to consider buying a better one separately of you have knee issues.



How do I choose the right one for me?

Before you consider buying a roller, there are a few things to think about which are stability, durability and comfort. These are highly important because they determine just how long and just how efficient the roller you’re planning to buy is.

When it comes to ab rollers, stability is one of the most important factors to look at. A roller with two wheels ensures maximum stability compared to one with only one wheel. A lot of models today have made the change to a two-wheel design so you have more variety.

You should also pay attention to the material of the wheels. Many ab rollers today use wheels made of rubber and some even contain some tread. This is the kind you want for this will significantly improve the roller’s stability. If you usually work out on a smooth floor, a wheel with tread will be more beneficial with traction so you don’t accidentally slip.

Durability in an ab roller is often overlooked which can be a big mistake. When looking at an ab roller’s durability, you first need to consider what kind of material it’s made out of.

Stainless steel is the most optimal material for a relatively durable roller. Also, two wheels are often more durable than just one. Lastly, rollers with a higher weight capacity are going to be a lot more secure, safe, and of higher quality in general. It’s not the most important factor that you should shoot for but it’s a good indicator of the roller’s quality.

Not everybody is young and spry and some of us like to protect our knees while using an ab roller. Many rollers come with a foam knee pad which helps prevent bruising and injuries. A lot of knee pads are made with EVA foam while others are made of the same material from yoga mats.

Try to take thickness into account before buying a roller that comes with knee pads. Thin ones are more likely to wear out faster, and while it’s not entirely necessary, it’s still a nice bonus.


Ab rollers are a great way to strengthen your core and upper body and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one compared to other kinds of gym equipment. From the different products we briefly reviewed, we think the overall winner is the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro for its comfortable handles, durable design, and compact size.

Hopefully our review has given you a better idea of what kind of roller would be most ideal for your gym workouts and exercise goals.

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