Best Resistance Bands Reviewed

If you are starting to get in shape or you want to update your home gym, then you may want to look into getting a set of resistance bands. Here is a simple buying guide that you can follow to help find the best resistance bands set for you and some of the highest-quality ones that you can get today.

How to choose the best resistance bands



Most resistance bands come in one of two styles: flat bands or cords. Flat bands look like sweatbands, but they are made of rubber and are usually used on the wrists or ankles. Cord resistance bands are used with more attachments and are a little less simple than flat bands, but they are usually more popular because they can be more comfortable to use; they are less likely to cause chafing. 



Many resistance band sets come with 3 to 5 different strength bands so that you can slowly work yourself up to the strongest band or use an easier band for when you are sore or injured. Most bands say the exact resistance in pounds, but there are some sets that do not provide a chart or estimate, so you may want to take it slow when testing out a new band or set. 



If you have never gotten a set of resistance bands in the past, then you probably already have a carrying bag for them, but if not, do not worry because nearly every set comes with one. Some sets also come with a guide for using them, too. Most flat band sets do not come with other extras, but the corded ones can also come with extra straps or handles. 


What are the advantages of a resistance band? 

They are possibly one of the least expensive pieces of workout equipment, are small and light enough to be used or stored anywhere, and they can be used by practically anyone because of their different sizes and strength levels. 


What is the best way to use a resistance band? 

You should try to always follow the instructions that come with the bands or follow a workout guide. It is also a good idea to check the bands and any accessories they come with each time before you use them to make sure they will not break while you are working out. 

Top 5 resistance bands

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

This is one of the few flat band sets on this list, and it is also one of the most popular between its affordability and simplicity.  
Unlike most cord bands, flat band sets like these are color-coded, and they have their strength level on the bands themselves, meaning you will not have to keep a color-coded chart nearby to figure out which one you need. 
Each band is about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide, which is a little under the regular size for flat bands. Because of the smaller size, the bands tend to roll while they are being used, making them more likely to snap against the skin. 
The strength levels are also a little below average, between 2 to 30 pounds depending on which band is being used, but this makes it more for beginner to intermediate-level users.



2. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

This is one of the most popular cord bands despite being one of the more expensive choices, and it has about the same strength as the last set. 
However, these are designed to be used with multiple bands (4 total) at once to increase the strength. Because of this, the maximum strength can actually go up to around 75 pounds, which can be great for beginners. 
One of the features that really stands out is that it comes with ankle straps, which can be pretty common with cord bands, but it also comes with a door anchor which is a little rarer and unique. 
The cords are less thick than some of the others on this list, and the stitching for the straps and handles frays more easily, making them more prone to breaking mid-workout.  



3. Tribe Resistance Bands Set

When it comes to strength, this cord band set is pretty standard since the combined strength of all cords at once is about 105 pounds. There are 5 cords, each one color-coded, but they also have their strength level stitched into one end of the cords. 
Because these are thicker than most other bands, this is possibly one of the safest and longest-lasting sets out there. The connections from the bands to the handles are one of the weaker points since they tend to fall or be torn off after heavy use, but they are usually very easy to get replaced. 
The handles on this set are also thicker and more durable, making it easier to handle longer or stressful workouts comfortably.



4. Fitness Insanity Resistance Band Set

This 5-band set of cord bands is very similar to the last set in their appearance; they are color-coded and have their strength level stitched into the ends of the bands.  
However, this set is actually one of the strongest out there, having a combined strength of up to 150 pounds, and the strongest band reaches up to 50 pounds. The handle design is pretty similar to the last set since it is a sturdy plastic with a foam cover. 
This set can be used with a door anchor, even though the instructions say not to use one, but it does not come with a safety belt like some of the other sets. It also comes with a workout pamphlet/manual, but it does not contain as many poses or instructions as some of the other manuals.



5. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

The last on this list, this is another flat band set that is nearly identical to the first one, but it is actually a little bit stronger. They are also one of the most affordable sets both on and off this list. 
It is color-coded and has the strength level on the bands, but these are actually almost twice as long as the other set, making them less likely to roll or snap while you are working out. 
Unlike many other band sets, regardless of their type, this one can come in several different colors and/or a special antislip set for those who tend to sweat quite a bit and do not want the bands to slip or cause chafing.




The winner for the best resistance bands would have to be the third set, the Tribe Resistance Bands Set. They are cord bands, one of the most popular and favored styles, the set comes with 5 bands, being more suited towards beginners to experienced users alike, and it comes with a variety of accessories and pieces for different uses. 
When it comes to quality, it is one of the hardest sets to beat between the thick and durable cords and handles. While it is not the strongest set, like the set by Fitness Insanity, the different cords’ strength levels do make it useful to a wide variety of people, making it a good gift for anyone who works out. 
Between all of the extras that come with this set, the durability, reliability of the bands, and the comfortable foam handles, it is hard to deny that this is one of the best resistance bands sets out now.

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